How I feel inisde

I was loquacious but sober to my words

Absent to reality but present to emotions

Discovery than an imaginary perception

Hostage to my state of mind

Uniquely ventured to expression

Confused but eradicated through pain

Different nights and dreams

Intense and rarely completed

Some… so me as a lout person

Truth behind my smile was a misery

Not anyones or their comfort

Abused by my psychological DNA

I decided to cherish the small moments

Appreciate the small circle πŸ”΅

The nature, sunrise and dawn πŸŒ… πŸŒ‡

Because not everyone sees it

Blue as my favorite Colour spoke to me

Alot of things become temporary and dark

But some grown ventures never faded

I was ignited with my first love πŸ’˜

Yes… Her name was poetry

My weakness, happiness and home

It was never a liability

But more like a life time insurance

Connected and sometimes disconnected

God become the key to my journey

Holding me down through the struggles

Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts

Become the reasons why

Life was more sweet after I realized

I can’t change temporary feelings or emotions

I took time towards my goals and objectives


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