Suicide progression

Awoken to emotions

Bomabared towards expressions

Killed through impressions

My perception was locked 🔐

Ambigious as I become

My life begun and ended with

Fighting for my life each day

Nothing become easier

It was either;

I pop that nerve


Pull that trigger

Each days function was lost

I felt benighted through my surroundings

Berzek as the only breathe I let out

As to know one understand

Why I kept fighting

Home was havoc

Friends were fake

My religious status was on suspense

Deleterious as what everyone so

Most doors were shut

I had no door to knock

Pain was an essentials

Death was an obligation

Close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year

For every suicide there are many more people who attempt suicide every year. ..

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15–29-year-olds

79% of global suicides occur in low- and middle-income countries.

Each day someone struggles as we enjoy life, what world are we living in quite focused on so much than the lives we might have saved. Acknowledge God the process will be more easier.

15 thoughts on “Suicide progression

  1. If life wasn’t controlled by institutions ( religion, education, military, media, legal system, capitalism, neo-liberalism, police) which is geared to keep people pliable, dumbed down, believing rhetoric, lies, and illusions, and in a state of fear and division, and socially stratified, which keeps the majority ignorant and poor and socially controlled, than we would have a more loving, caring world. To get to the point where we can dig for the facts, the truth and true knowledge means that we must go through the ‘dark night of the soul’ and that means breaking free from the collective and becoming an individual, and taking full responsibility for where we take ourselves. For most that is far too painful, so for those that feel that there is no hope, than suicide seems the only option, and the perfect release from the hell they have been living here on Earth. I have known many that have committed suicide, and so be it, it has always been available to those who want to opt out, and the 21st century is a very challenging century. What I do not understand is how people can opt out from their responsibilities of parenting because it is just too hard, without asking for help, or reaching out to others who can support them, or if that fails, digging deep within themselves to find the strength that resides within them to go on. Yet, I have compassion because many of them are not even responsible for themselves and have never been taught how to be accountable for their actions :(. Just knowing that they have a responsibility to their children should be enough to ignite the flame to continue, yet they do not even know how to look after themselves, so they opt out, leaving their progeny behind them who will never see them again, so it is a selfish and self-serving response. I do not judge them however, cause ultimately, they will judge themselves. We all make choices! There was a time in my life when I wanted to commit suicide, as I had both my feet reconstructed,and couldn’t walk ( took 4 years to walk properly) and none of my family or friends were there to help me ( although I was there for them with all their problems and crises), and I lost my profession, cause I couldn’t work, and I was living on welfare stamps, and in a dump, and I met a guy who beat me up and told me I was stupid, yet I rose from that, kicked him out of my life, befriended a dog, and slowly, through my own inner strength, I decided that I had a purpose and that I would heal myself and go on to help others. There is life after death, so have no fear, they do live on in consciousness, and will probably have to repeat the lesson that they did not complete again because divine justice works that way. There are always more chances for redemption. The more people who challenge the status quo, the better, and in time hopefully the draconian structures that rule us will fall down and be replaced by more egalitarian and caring structures.

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