Depresion and anxiety

Colour blind to the world

But constantly told

How beautiful things are each day

wanting to scream 😱

wanting to yell

But all I can each day is to whisper

Scared and tired at the same time

Sleepless nights

Exahusted to be stronger

Depressed to my deep rest

Swolled by my own perception

Bonhomie but just within me

Giving and not receiving

Maybe death hurts less than life

I guess am just tired fighting

Hard to understand from the outside

But hard to explain from the inside

This is also hurting, as we always tell this people things will be okay, its all in the mind but do we fix anything . Sometimes its better to be there for someone than abusing words. Let’s do the same as a friend would do when we are in need.

9 thoughts on “Depresion and anxiety

  1. This made me weep inside because I can relate to that feeling and every now and then I dwindle into those thoughts. But there’s a way out of the darkness- it might not look like beautiful flowers but it can look like a laugh or connecting with someone. I hope you’re ok if this is personal to you💜

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