Tomorrow’s past

Just as the picture frame

You don’t know it’s angle or dimensions

But you love the view

I was dissolved from this meaning

But let me explain

The ‘y’ generation

We live in is in the Present life

But absent to the true

Emotions that accord this life

But still It doesn’t make sense

We are born to live for the future

We are born to wait for employment

We are born to make excuses

But we forget tomorrow destination either

You live it consciously or subconsciously

But you choose…

Whether to succeed or fall apart

Whether to keep loving tomorrow

Or hating what you haven’t lived

Whether to be the best or just average

Begins with each step you take

But still that doesn’t make sense

Your life is not a game

Live it to the best

Your life is not a prison

Unlock the cells

Your life is not a fantasy

Begin the adventure

And don’t let anything

Dissolve you from the purpose

Be your own destination.

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