First blog post

As my  very first blog,I shall explain the pain I get to see in the society of now with my drugs beside me .. 


21 century

I feel like girls have always been Abit naive…you know how most girls like “bad boys” who are really just assholes who go fucking shit up and then the girl believes that she’ll “change him” and “hold him down” all that is bullshit and it never works.A person can’t just enter a relationship with some innocent girl and wait for her to change him,he has to realize that he loves her enough and should be willing to change himself for her and himself too.

Normallly at the end of such relationships,the guy hasn’t changed one bit but the worst part is he had fucked up this innocent girl.
Gone is the innocent girl and in comes in the bad bitch.Because of her unresolved feelings and broken heart,she is going to be heartless.Thats why girls be lying and manipulating and scheming in relationships.

Nothing is real anymore…everyone is so artificial,always playing with your mind and heart without knowing the repercussions.Why do you think girls work so hard to be “independent women”??? It’s very hard to find the guy who treats you like a Queen.You may call her your queen, princess , Angel but you treat her like you would treat trash;using her then attempting to dispose of her…

So by the time you find that guy that treats you how you deserve to be treated,you don’t know how to deal anymore,you don’t trust that he has the right motives because your point of view has changed thanks to being fucked over again and again.So yes karma is a bitch…guys have been screwing over girls for years without realizing that they were about to get a taste of their own medicine. But keep in mind to date a gentleman not man or boy.

So society is all messed up but it’s because of how guys no longer love their girls and girls no longer respect their guys.This has to change otherwise we will all become people who are dead inside and who are only interested in ourselves and

Temporary pleasure.Things need to be like in the older days an centuries not per how the 21 century is, So if you’re a boy out there lamenting over how the woman you loved did you wrong , I’m sorry but there are more to come .you’ll get your heart broken more times than you can ever be
loved .And if you’re a girl out there crying over a boy who you thought never loved you for you or understood you , I’m sorry but there are more to come your way and make you feel worse about yourself.

But to both young boys and girls, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day ,okay ? If love is what you’re looking for ,don’t stop looking ,fine it sucks to get your heart broken but still get the Fuck up continue looking for what you want ,don’t let anything or anyone bring you down ,don’t just sit and talk about how boys are dicks or girls are serpents remember nobody is the same, trust you’ll never be happy if you can’t forget the bad and move forward.

Be patient and you’ll get the one worth suffering for,you’ll get superman to save you from your sorrows ,you’ll get the person that makes you a better version of’ll get love as long as you don’t give up , it’s up to you ,you’re the master of your own happiness… Respect the art love is not a game its an emotion to be expressed.

Another chance

You saved me

From my own misery

And From my own thoughts

To a home full of love

A shelter of connection

A new chapter

A new life and purpose

That created alot of livelyness within me

Abeyance as a my emotion

While the world saw the worst of me

You saw the best in me

You never gave up

As I got close to my end

I kept on fighting

And the fight almost got up to me

Lost me in memories

Even if you left

You presence saved me

Gave me light at my darkest

Am thankful than regretful

And close to seize in existence

Would you rather!?

Would you rather hate or Love me?!

Would you rather break or complete me?!

Would you rather break or protect me?!

Would you rather forgive or forget me

Would you rather fall in love or fall out of love

Left so much to question

Unanswered pilling questions

That Left me eager but weak

Yes i was a beliver

But you stripped me of my dignity

Left me motionless

Unable to suprress the emotions

To one place i called home

I was happy but haples

Best described me

Through the change of events

Through the droughtTo let out my pain

Drug’s that keep me going

Before I go to places

Just hear me

Just hear me

Am lost in my translation

Yes, ask me who am I?!

But am lost in the phrase

Its like investing in a life

Am rarely living

My narration is approached by alot

But I validate more to pain

It hurt

It burn

But taught me more about growth

Left me questioning my life

My reality and imaginary

Were the moments the best

Were they worth it

Did they attenuate my mind or

Left me expired

I never question my perceptive

But my surrounding

I searched for the humor in it

But I was offended more than resolved

Some events felt hapless

Redirected or refraced

But no matter his w dark it got

The teachings left me prepared

Not for perfection but A life

I choose to subscribe and follow

I prayed for any fall 🌻

My addictions

Left me prescribing more

But dont get me wrong

I was touched with ;



And oxycotin

Sometimes imblanced

Sometime in excess

Dear Almighty

Am grateful

Happy birthday

Dear mom,

We may not see eye to eye on something’s

But you will always be

The most important part in my life

You raised us well

In your womb for 9 months

It was special

It was different

It was a world with beauty

Yes mom

Other than poetry

You were my first love

My heart beat

My sunshine

My listener and resolver

Fighting for me

Trusting me

And loving me

You will always matter to me

Happy birthday

I love you❤

Dear women

To all objectified

Am sorry for the irresponsibility

That some of us men

Got captured with

That left you attenuate

Confused and punctured

Just because your hurt us

Took us for granted

We are not permissoned

To open the media

To narrate our story

But through the sexual

Pictures you sent me

Just because you say your matured

I defile your answer

Rise and leave

Exposing her and her dignity

Doesn’t equate your emotions

Respect her just like when you

Approached and fell in love

This is something that’s bothered me for a while. But today I talk about it men please respect the body of the woman and the trust she gives you. Just because she messed up or does not want to be with you. It never gives you the permission to put her nudes out there. No matter how bad it gets take your time than acting imatured.

Open mind

Close but lost in the night

I was intrigued with emotions

But ready for the events and chapters

Gnarly but open to my light

Acrid but open to my options

Weakened and envarated

Gave me alot of questions

Lost in my perception

As to no one to questions

Answers and answers

Penetrated my mind

But to place them was misery

Being Satiate was a fantasy

But the adventure was my thing

It connected to my thoughts

So deep that

I was competiting with my own self

My own life

My own emotions

I was in love with the experience

It broke me and mold me

And left me to admire the future

Love letter to you

Your beauty captured my heart

Yes yes love, I know am mess

But with my flaws and insecurities

You are my first ;



Lust of last of my choice

But let me direct you well;

Why I fell in love with you

Was the endless emotions we express

The commitment we shared

The departure we go lost into

But we still found our way

To keep our candles shinning

When we fell in love

Was the best moments

I was locked from speech and touch

My approach to you was abused

Through my image and perception

I was too diffident than confident

Where i fell in love

Was the time I glimpsed on your sexy body

Curves and edges

They left me licking my tongue

My lips were dry yearning for yours

But still I was too lost and innocent

How I fell in love

Was through the foundation we built

It was like a deep penetration to my heart

No matter how much I moved on

The relations failed so bad

Lovers for 3 years got me to tears

My heart was more open to you

I fell in love

But the alphabet did not match you

Its not like A. B. C

But your description was not close to it

You were out of this world through my heart

I do love you

I just hope you won’t let go

Give up on me

When am lost through

There is hope for love for all, I felt I shud share my first glimpse on love which was about 7 years ago