First blog post

As my  very first blog,I shall explain the pain I get to see in the society of now with my drugs beside me .. 

Tomorrow’s past

Just as the picture frame

You don’t know it’s angle or dimensions

But you love the view

I was dissolved from this meaning

But let me explain

The ‘y’ generation

We live in is in the Present life

But absent to the true

Emotions that accord this life

But still It doesn’t make sense

We are born to live for the future

We are born to wait for employment

We are born to make excuses

But we forget tomorrow destination either

You live it consciously or subconsciously

But you choose…

Whether to succeed or fall apart

Whether to keep loving tomorrow

Or hating what you haven’t lived

Whether to be the best or just average

Begins with each step you take

But still that doesn’t make sense

Your life is not a game

Live it to the best

Your life is not a prison

Unlock the cells

Your life is not a fantasy

Begin the adventure

And don’t let anything

Dissolve you from the purpose

Be your own destination.

Dear soulmate

The moment I saw you

My eyes were in doubt

I wish to say I was captured with

Your smile and heart

But the truth was you left me unsatisfied

Thinking of you more…. while

Everything about you made me happy

Not just your position or reflection

But you seemed perfect beside me

I wouldn’t say you were

Endlessly in my mind

But everything felt in the right place

As they call it love at first sight

Ours was different

The emotions present

Become my sunshine

The connection between us

Left me happy but patient

To find the right time

But to my accord there wasn’t

A perfect time to express

But my heart rate was high

As I pictured you and

The moments a waiting to be shared…

Left me weak

As you were the second

Weakness I encountered👑

There is never a perfect time to tell your loved one you cared about them. Time is like a vision they come and go in a click. Don’t wait for tomorrow or the future tell them today..

Endless you

Abused by your mental pictures

Erased from my routine to yours

Punctured from existence

Wishing and hoping

You never came along

Creating a world that does not exist

Fixing my emotions in my motion, but

Hammered in mind

Trying to fight but stuck

Locked in my cell

Numb to life

Numb to your presence

Forgetting than remembering

And finally disposing my rubbish

Not because I choose too but I have too

My life is worth a million dollars

To just hold onto a lie, while

Separation is better than you

My drugs better than you

My God better than you

Your entrance was your exit

I had my fair share of being heart broken and used, but am not expresing myself from my experience. I just want to let you know, using and abusing someone to face mental instability just because you broke them is not right. Let’s learn to be responsible because what we do or release to this life comes back. So stop saying everyone is the same when your not even trying to improve yourself.


Quiet like a deer, your footsteps approached me.

Thrust me and impelled

Your weight was a cusp to my efforts.

I begged for clemency as I screeched out, but

My clamor was no more while I tried tears dripped down…

Being in a state of adversity

Broken and dismantled me from existence

Left with blood flowing like an ocean inside me

Ruptured my life and dignity

I was unattached and non-respondent, but

Committed to popping a nerve over and over, while

Afflicted by my actions and desires

Feeling like life sentenced to death

Broke me over and over

The problems that had no stand

Prolonged its bleakness

Feeling pointless to my lust

Suicidal attempts as my routine

Uncontrollable flashbacks

Numbness and lost

Drained as a plantation with no growth

Watershed of my dignity vessels

Stoned and crucified with assaults.

To my second friend that was raped. It did hurt but not Comapred to what you are going through, and recently on news my heart was broken when I heard a guy raped a four year old girl and cut her into pieces. LETS STOP RAPE.!!







Defined by my addictions

While confined in my life results

I was jailed in my mental intuitions

Created by my illusions

Lost me by my dignity

Lost me through psychological damage

Greed as my financial highness

Separated and destructed me from the world

Indulged by my weakness

Anxiety and depression later hit

Rendered by emotions

But as a page and no longer chapter

While psychosis by day and night

With no movement instability

Disconnected my desires

As flashbacks begun to hit

I wished never to exist

I desired in welding the knife

What if I stopped, who would care??

I was a long gone soul!!

We all have a place that puts us at our worst sometimes, but giving up is a liability to your life and health. Just keep fighting and fighting.



Covered to the depth of my heart

Knowing a lot but not myself

Why Thirty or Forty skins

As thick as an ox’s or bear’s

Strong in flesh but stronger in spirits

Left in so many thoughts;

Your skin is not a paper

Do not cut it…!

Your face is not a mask

Do not cover it…!

Your size is not a book

Do not judge it…!

Your life is not a film

Do not end it yet…!

You are beautiful behind it

Amazing and unique

Tomorrow is a new day

No matter what you think or feel

Someone loves you

Just in case you did not know;

You are alive for a reason

You are stronger than you think

You are going to get through it

Do not give up

Trying is not the last race

It is just the begin of the journey

Do not look back just the mirror

That’s where the competition starts

And that’s where you make your life

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Procrastination as my perfectionist

Hoping or wishing;

There is still time or

Maybe just next time

Become what I was living for

But it was too late

As I left my perception to’

It is a long-term future

Just as its short-term thinking

While the motion did not change

So I gave up on;


Negative self-talk

Criticizing others

Pressurizing people

And the fear of failure while

Expecting perfection

Was the biggest lie

Living to be recreated in this world 🌏